Statutes and byelaws as ratified by the 31st IOS Congress, March 2010


Art. 1: Name

The name of the Organization is 'International Organization for Succulent Plant Study' ('Internationale Organisation für Sukkulenten-Forschung'; 'Organisation Internationale de Recherches sur les Plantes Succulentes'; 'Organización Internacional para el Estudio de Plantas Suculentas')

Art. 2: Objects

The objects of IOS shall be to promote the study and conservation of succulent and allied plants and to encourage international collaboration amongst those interested in them.

The objects of IOS will be achieved by the following means:

publication and distribution of information, reports and other scientific publications;
promotion of all possible collaboration between members;
facilitation and support of the work of appropriate organizations and individuals;
organization and support of Reserve Collections of living plants, herbaria, reference libraries
and the exchange and introduction of plant material.

Art. 3: Status

IOS is a member of the International Union for Biological Sciences (IUBS).

Art. 4: Membership

IOS consists of:

1. Personal Members
Ordinary Members
Student Members
Honorary Members
Retired (Emeritus) Members
Regional/National Representative
2. Institutional Members

Art. 5: Admission

Applications for Personal Membership shall be submitted on an official form provided by the Secretary or downloaded from the IOS website. All applications shall be considered by the Executive Board, at whose discretion admission shall be granted. Applications for Student Membership shall be approved and countersigned by the student's Supervisor.

Student Membership shall be for two years in the first instance, renewable on request for a further two years only. Student Members shall have the same privileges as other Personal Members but shall not be required to pay the biennial subscription and shall not have voting rights.

Honorary Membership may be conferred on individuals who have rendered the IOS services or to IOS members who have excelled in succulent plant activities. Nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary at least three months before a Congress. Nominations approved by the Executive Board shall be ratified by the Congress.

Application for Institutional Membership may be made by any recognized Institution or Organization wishing to support the objectives of IOS, receive its publications and/or participate in its activities. Applicants are requested provide the name(s) and postal and e-mail address(es) of persons to whom IOS should send its publications and other communications including subscription renewal invoices.

If the partner of an IOS Ordinary or Emeritus Member wishes to participate in IOS activities they may do so, and be included in the membership list, without applying for personal membership or paying the subscription, but will not be entitled to vote at the General Meeting.

Art. 6: Withdrawal of membership

Membership of IOS may be terminated by resignation, by non-payment of the subscription, or by decision of the Executive Board when the member no longer fulfils the conditions stipulated in these Statutes or acts against the interest of IOS, subject to appeal at the next Congress.

Art. 7: Management

The management of IOS shall be vested in an Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.

The Executive Board shall be responsible for putting into effect the decisions of the Congress, for preparing the Organization's budget and carrying out its provisions, and shall assist the President in every activity that furthers the aims of the Organization. The Executive Board shall have the power to make, amend or delete bye-laws to assist the operation of the Statutes.
Bye-laws may also be deleted by a simple majority vote at the Congress. It is desirable that the Executive Board should be composed of members of different nationalities.

Art. 8: Vacancies

Vacancies in the Executive Board occurring between Congresses shall be filled by nomination from the Executive Board.

Art. 9: Tenure

All members of the Executive Board shall hold office between two consecutive Congresses. The officers shall be eligible for re-election, but the President and Vice-President shall not normally serve more than two consecutive terms of office.

Art. 10: Board Meetings

The Executive Board shall meet in person at least once per year. The quorum for a meeting shall be three members.

Art. 11: Election of Executive Board

Written nominations, proposed and seconded by members of IOS and bearing the consent of the member nominated, shall be invited prior to each Congress for the posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. Nominations in writing must be in the hands of the Secretary not less than three months before a Congress. If more than one nomination is received for any post, there shall be a postal ballot of all members, to be decided by a simple majority.

Art. 12: Finance

The activities of IOS shall be financed by the subscriptions of members and by donations, bequests and such other income as may be available. The amount of the subscription for the succeeding two years shall be fixed by the Congress.

Art. 13. Exemptions

Honorary and Student members shall not be required to pay the subscription. Members who have been fully paid-up members for at least ten years and have attained 70 years of age, and who wish actively to continue supporting the IOS, may apply for exemption from payment of the subscription when renewing their membership.

Art. 14: Congresses

Congresses shall be held (so far as is possible) biennially.

Art. 15: Congress Venue and Organization

The venue for the Congress shall be chosen by the Executive Board taking account of the wishes of members. A Local Organizer shall be appointed to act in liaison with the Executive Board. All financial and programme arrangements shall be subject to the agreement of the Executive Board.

Art. 16: General Meeting

A General Meeting of members shall be held at each Congress for the transaction of the following business: Presentation, discussion and ratification of the Organization's reports and accounts for the preceding inter-Congress period and plans for the future, with the appropriate budget; election of Honorary Members; election of the Executive Board for the ensuing inter-Congress period; election of auditors; fixing of the subscription for the following two years; discussion of other matters raised by or submitted to the Executive Board prior to the Congress.

All Members except Student Members shall have one vote. The chairman of the Meeting shall have the casting vote.

Art. 17: Amendments to Statutes

Amendments to these statutes may be proposed by the Executive Board or in writing by at least four members. Proposals must be in the hands of the Secretary at least three months prior to a Congress. To be adopted, any proposal involving a change to the Statutes, or the dissolution of the Organization, must be supported by two-thirds of the members present at the General Meeting.

Art. 18: Disposal of Assets and Properties

In the event of the dissolution of the Organization, the Executive Board shall be empowered to dispose of the Organization's assets and properties to one or more kindred organizations.


1. Language. The official language of IOS is English, but contributions in other major scientific languages are acceptable, and it is desirable that a translation should be given of important notices and other communications.

2. The biennial subscription is due on 1 January following a Congress, payable in Swiss currency or the full equivalent amount in other currencies. All bank charges, commission etc are payable by the subscriber.

3. Publications. The Organization's official publications are IOS Bulletin and Repertorium Plantarum Succulentarum, which shall be issued annually and normally free of charge to members. Members wishing to receive printed copies of publications distributed to the majority of members electronically may be asked to contribute to the cost of printing and mailing in addition to the basic biennial subscription.

4. Research material. Members are recommended to donate type material of succulent plant taxa described by them, along with complete documentation and relevant publications, to the Zurich Succulent Collection (Zürich Sukkulenten-Sammlung) and/or other major botanical institutions associated with IOS.

5. Reserve Collections. IOS, in association with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), will promote the establishment of a network of 'Reserve Collections' of living cacti and other succulent plants and measures to assess and enhance the potential of these collections as a resource for research and conservation.

6. IOS Research Fund. The IOS Research Fund shall be administered by the Executive Board assisted by external assessors as necessary. Application for grants may be made at any time to the Secretary, but at least four months before funds are required. Applications should include a Project Plan, timetable and budget, names of collaborators, institutional contacts, other actual or potential sources of funding, and names of referees. Successful applicants will be expected to present a written report and/or oral presentation at an IOS Congress and part of their grant may be allocated as a contribution to travel expenses incurred in presenting the report to an IOS Congress.

7. Financial Administration. The Treasurer has the custody of all monies and financial records belonging to IOS and shall maintain accurate, accountable, and up-to-date records of all IOS revenues and expenditures. She/he shall collect membership dues and other monies and shall deposit them in the name of IOS. Outgoing payments from the Central Reserve Fund or other regional accounts require the prior authority in writing from the IOS Executive Board. Before the Congress, the Treasurer shall compile the Financial Statement; a summary statement of income, expenditure and balances, with all bills, receipts, and bank statements enclosed, and has it audited. At the Congress, the Treasurer shall present the Financial Statement to the General Meeting of members. Subsequently, the Auditors shall present their summary report. If there are no further questions, the Auditors may recommend to relief the Treasurer from any further personal responsibility.
Expenditure under the operational management in excess of 100 EUR (or equivalent) shall be decided by two members of the Executive Board. Expenses exceeding 300 EUR shall be subject to the agreement of the Executive Board. Research grants should be primarily for bona fide research, and not exceed 1500 EUR (or equivalent) for the individual project.
For the statutory required quorum Board meetings, a travel support of 200 EUR (or equivalent) for continental and 400 EUR for intercontinental travel shall be granted.

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Tylecodon torulosus, South Africa and Namibia ©Boris O. Schlumpberger

Tylecodon torulosus
South Africa and Namibia ©Boris O. Schlumpberger

Zeuktophyllum suppositum, RSA, Western Cape, Distrikt Ladismith ©Heidrun E.K. Hartmann

Zeuktophyllum suppositum
RSA, Western Cape, Distrikt Ladismith ©Heidrun E.K. Hartmann

Corr_Cumulopuntia boliviana, Abra del Infiernillo, Argentina ©Joël Lodé

Corr_Cumulopuntia boliviana
Abra del Infiernillo, Argentina ©Joël Lodé

Zeuktophyllum suppositum, RSA, Western Cape, Distrikt Swellendam ©Heidrun E.K. Hartmann

Zeuktophyllum suppositum
RSA, Western Cape, Distrikt Swellendam ©Heidrun E.K. Hartmann