The IOS Board wishes to invite active succulent plant researchers, students, and other qualified individuals, institutions and organizations seriously interested in supporting the study and conservation of such plants to apply for membership in the International Organization for Succulent Plant Study. The Board believes the IOS can play a significant role in providing researchers with the opportunity to share ideas and to support one another in their research activities.

Applications for Personal Membership shall be submitted on an official form provided by the Secretary or downloaded from this website. All applications shall be considered by the Executive Board, at whose discretion admission shall be granted.

Applications for Student Membership shall be approved and countersigned by the student's Supervisor. Student Membership shall be for two years in the first instance, renewable on request for a further two years only. Student Members shall have the same privileges as other Personal Members but shall not be required to pay the biennial subscription and shall not have voting rights.

Honorary Membership may be conferred on individuals who have rendered the IOS services or to IOS members who have excelled in succulent plant activities. Nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary at least three months before a Congress. Nominations approved by the Executive Board shall be ratified by the Congress.

Application for Institutional Membership may be made by any recognized Institution or Organization wishing to support the objectives of IOS, receive its publications and/or participate in its activities. Applicants are requested provide the name(s) and postal and e-mail address(es) of persons to whom IOS should send its publications and other communications including subscription renewal invoices.

IOS is a strong advocate of conservation. If you submit this Application Form, or apply for membership of IOS by e-mail, it will be understood that you read, agree to abide by the provisions of the IOS Code of Conduct. When applying, please also include a copy of your Curriculum Vitae.

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