International Union of Biological Sciences

The International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation for advancing scientific goals in the field of Biology. Established in 1919, its objectives are:

  • to promote the study of biological sciences
  • to initiate, facilitate and coordinate research and other scientific activities necessitating international, interdisciplinary cooperation
  • to ensure the discussion and dissemination of the results of cooperative research, particularly in connection with IUBS scientific programmes
  • to support the organisation of international conferences and assist in the publication of their reports.

IUBS Mission:

IUBS Activities

Based upon the recommendations of the "Scientific Programme Committee", the General Assembly adopts priority areas for the implementation of scientific programmes. These are selected according to the procedure outlined in the Guidelines for the initiation and evaluation of the IUBS scientific programmes, as outlined in the IUBS Statutes. Where necessary and feasible, the Union provides seed funds to help launch its programmes. Supplementary funding is raised from other sources, including national and international donor agencies, through contracts and agreements negotiated on behalf of the IUBS.
A young fund was establish to support the participation of students and post-docs in the activities of IUBS. An active contribution (oral/poster) is required for application.

Scientific Congresses and Meetings

The IUBS sponsors meetings and congresses organised by its Scientific Members through the allocation of refundable interest-free loans. Where appropriate, the Union contributes to the scientific agenda featured in the congresses of its Scientific Members by presenting results of its own scientific programmes and IUBS-sponsored projects, either within the framework of the general symposia and sessions or in flanking workshops.

The next General Assembly will be held in Suzhou, China 5th-9th July, 2012 and promises to be comprehensively interesting to many areas within Biology. If you would like to be involved the deadline for involvement in symposia is 30th August 2011. Further information relating to the symposia and other arrangements are available here:


The IUBS has recently revitalized its journal "Biology International" with a view to serving its membership and other biologists better. It is A bi-annual peer-reviewed journal available electronically, and is open access with a Creative Commons license for the fair use of its materials. All issues and an archive are available on:

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Aloe perryi, Hamaderoh ©Joël Lodé

Aloe perryi
Hamaderoh ©Joël Lodé

Lobivia tarijensis, Bolivia, Tarija ©I & R Mecklenburg

Lobivia tarijensis
Bolivia, Tarija ©I & R Mecklenburg

Parodia rubida, Bolivia, Chuquisaca, La Torre ©I & R Mecklenburg

Parodia rubida
Bolivia, Chuquisaca, La Torre ©I & R Mecklenburg