Venue: Nees-Institut für Biodiversität der Pflanzen, Meckenheimer Allee 170


Tuesday 23 March a.m. - Congress Opening

Opening remarks and announcements
Members' General Business Meeting

Prof. Dr Wilhelm Barthlott (DE) Progress with Cactaceae biodiversity mapping. Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Rainer Mecklenburg (DE) The new IOS Website - communicating our mission. Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Tuesday 23 March p.m. - Lectures

Dr Detlev Metzing (DE) Alwin Berger - His Life and Work Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Reto Nyffeler (CH) Sequencing data for the Hylocereeae (Cactaceae) Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Jafet Nassar (VE) The SLCCS: Towards a consolidated network to promote the study and conservation of succulents in Latin America. Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Denis Diagre (BE) From Chihuahua to the Great Basin Desert (slides)
Joël Lodé (ES) Succulent Plants of the Canary Islands

Wednesday 24 March a.m. - Lectures

Dr Nigel Taylor (UK) The ongoing need for education provision for whole-plant biology Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Jafet Nassar (VE) Genetic diversity in the Cactaceae: Emerging patterns. Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Graham Charles (UK) The genus Matucana (Cactaceae) in the Marañon valley. Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Massimo Meregalli (IT) Molecular phylogeny of Gymnocalycium Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Urs Eggli (CH) The Ritter Collections - New Life for Old Data Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Wednesday 24 March p.m. - Lectures

Dr Léia Scheinvar (MX) Wild Species of Mexican Cactus Pear. Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Ulrich Meve Observations on Sarcostemma Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Dr Ingeborg Niesler (DE) Recent studies of nectaries in Aizoaceae. Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Michele Rodda (IT) Recent studies on Hoya (Apocynaceae) Abstract pdf_small (1K)
Joël Lodé (ES) Succulent Plants of Socotra

Thursday 25 March - Discussions and Workshop

Rainer & Ingrid Mecklenburg (DE) The new IOS Website - Discussions
Biodiversity Mapping GroupWorkshop
David Hunt (UK)Discussions miscellaneous topics

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Maticana weberbaueri, Peru, Marañon valley ©Graham Charles

Maticana weberbaueri
Peru, Marañon valley ©Graham Charles