Inter-Congress Venue: The Nees-Institut für Biodiversität der Pflanzen, Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität,
by courtesy of the Director, Professor Dr Wilhelm Barthlott


9th May 2009 - Symposium 1

Theme: Public and private collections of succulents, their potential as a resource for research and conservation

David Hunt

Aims of the IOS Reference Collections Initiative Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Denis Diagre

Prickly Challenges: evaluating Cacti at Meise Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Urs Eggli

Public Collections: Plants between Entertainment, Education, Research and Conservation Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Nigel Taylor

Ex situ conservation programmes for cacti and succulents at Kew Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Len Newton

Going, going ... almost gone. Ex situ conservation of almost extinct species in Kenya Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Ulrich Meve

Current research on Apocynaceae using living collections Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Sven Bernhard

The Kalanchoe collection at Darmstadt [In German] Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Graham Charles

The potential of private collections Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Martin Lowry

A reference collection of the genus Echinopsis Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Maurizio Sajeva

Succulents and CITES Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Andrew Gdaniec

Gdansk to Birmingham: Introducing myself Abstract pdf_small (1K)

c. 16:00Tour of the Botanical Garden's glass houses
c. 17:00Seminar room: Meeting for participants planning to collaborate on a DNA survey of the Andean Opuntioideae
c. 19:00Meet at the restaurant for evening meal

Sunday 10 May - Symposium 2

Theme: Cactaceae: current projects and the implications of molecular systematics for 'consensus' classification

Kirsten Hahne

Biodiversity mapping for Cactaceae Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Martin Lowry

Mapping the genera for the NCL Supplement Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Reto Nyffeler

Recent molecular studies and their taxonomic implications Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Christiane Ritz

The Sulcorebutia-Weingartia project Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Boris Schlumpberger

More on the phylogeny and evolution of Echinopsis s.l. Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Nadja Korotkova

Molecular systematics of epiphytic cacti Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Paul Hoxey

Diversity in Cumuluopuntia sphaerica Abstract pdf_small (1K)

David Hunt

The next CITES Cactaceae Checklist and other collaborative projects Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Rainer Mecklenburg

On coordination and collaboration Abstract pdf_small (1K)

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Dorstenia foetida, Kenya ©Boris O. Schlumpberger

Dorstenia foetida
Kenya ©Boris O. Schlumpberger

Tylecodon paniculatus, RSA, Anenous Pass ©Joël Lodé

Tylecodon paniculatus
RSA, Anenous Pass ©Joël Lodé

Copiapoa cinerea, Chile, Antofagasta, near Taltal ©Denis Diagre

Copiapoa cinerea
Chile, Antofagasta, near Taltal ©Denis Diagre

Echinopsis candicans, Miranda, La Rioja, Argentina ©Boris O. Schlumpberger

Echinopsis candicans
Miranda, La Rioja, Argentina ©Boris O. Schlumpberger

Weingartia crispata, Bolivia, Dep. Santa Cruz, Pucara ©I&R Mecklenburg

Weingartia crispata
Bolivia, Dep. Santa Cruz, Pucara ©I&R Mecklenburg