10th IOS Inter-Congress Meeting, Berlin, 10–11 May 2013
held at the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, (BGBM)

by courtesy of the Director, Professor Dr Thomas Borsch

The meeting was held in conjunction with the biennial Berliner Kakteentage and Exhibition,
staged by the Berliner Kakteenfreunde e.V., that opened 9 May,
and the annual meeting of EPIG (Interessengemeinschaft Epiphytische Kakteen).
The IOS lectures were open to members of these organizations.


10th IOS Inter-Congress Meeting, Berlin, 10–11 May 2013


Friday 10 May

Führung durch den Botanischen Garten (für EPIG und IOS): Nils Köster, Nadja Korotkova
(Guided tour of the Botanical Garden (for EPIG and IOS): Nils Köster, Nadja Korotkova)

Saturday 11 May

    Begrüßung (Welcome), großer Hörsaal: Prof. Dr. Jochen Bockemühl
09:15 Vorträge in Deutsch, Chair Prof. Dr. Jochen Bockemühl
    * Dr. Nadja Korotkova (Berlin):Von Sukkulenten und Molekülen
    * Dr. Rosa Herbst (Erfurt): Epicactus-Hybriden: die Vielfalt ordnen
    * Rudolf Heßing (Vreden): Die Faszination der Züchtung von Epikakteen
    * Dr. Ralph Mangelsdorff (Frankfurt): Auf den Spuren von Thomas MacDougall:
Seltene Hylocereeae und deren Begleitvegetation im Süden Mexikos
13:30; Vorträge in Deutsch, Chair: Dr. Nadja Korotkova
    * Prof. Dr. Hans Walter Lack (Berlin): Die Erforschung der Pflanzenwelt Brasiliens bis 1906
14:20 Lectures in English, Chair: Dr. Nadja Korotkova
    Welcome by Héctor Hernández, President of IOS
    * Dr. Héctor Hernández (Mexico, D.F.): Mapping the Cacti of Mexico
    * Dr. Rosa Herbst (Gemüse und Zierpflanzenbau (IGZ), Erfurt): Epicactus-hybrids: Are you infected? Virus identification in Epicactus-hybrids
    * Dr. Isabel Larridon (Gent): Towards a protocol for management of genetic variation of ex situ living cactus collections
    * Dr. Marie-Stéphanie Samain (Gent): Diversity and evolution of succulent Peperomias (Piperaceae) from the Neotropics
    * Johannes Klein (Mainz): Phylogenetic studies in Sempervivum and Jovibarba (Crassulaceae)
    * Jae Hong Lee (Gyeonggi-provincial Agricultural Research & Extension Services (GARES)): Production and Export of Grafted Cactus in Korea
    * Mag. rer. publ. Christof Nikolaus Schröder (Heidelberg): 100 Years Werner Rauh (1913-2000)

Berliner Kakteentage (Berlin Cactus Days), 9 - 12 May 2013

A cooperation of the Botanical Garden with the Kakteenfreunde Berlin (Cactus Friends Berlin)
Plants exhibition, information, consulting, sales and lectures on cacti, succulents and other plant groups.

Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Neues Glashaus
Königin-Luise-Straße 6, 14195 Berlin

Interessengemeinschaft Epiphytische Kakteen (EPIG)

Founded in 1988, the EPIG is an independent, non-registered community of interest and a working group of the German Cactus Society (DKG). The annual meetings of EPIC take place at different locations with the aim to inform through presentations, establish personal contact, and to exchange experience.

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Botanischer Garten Berlin

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Botanischer Garten Berlin
Berlin in the city
Botanischer Garten Berlin