Organizing Committee: Dr Reto Nyffeler, Marlon Machado
Congress Venue: Convention Centre, Praiamar Hotel, Natal, Brazil

The Congress was held in conjunction with the Sociedad Latinoamericaca y del Caribe de Cactáceas y otras Suculentas (SLCCS), and was part of Brazil’s Congreso Nacional de Botánica (CNB).


Wednesday 6 August - Symposium 1

Theme: Taxonomy, Systematics and Evolution of Succulents
Chair: Marlon Machado (Brazil)

Salvador Arias (México)

Morphological, anatomical and molecular data in the phylogenetic reconstruction of the columnar Cactaceae species of North America

Charles Butterworth (USA)

Tribal conflict and consensus: using DNA data to investigate traditional classifica-tions in the Cacteae Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Erika Edwards (USA)

The genus Pereskia and the early evolution of Cactaceae Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Reto Nyffeler (Switzerland)

The closest relatives of cacti Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Marlon Machado (Brazil)

Phylogenetics of Brazilian Cactaceae: the tribe Cereeae and the genus Parodia

Sabrina Mota Lambert (Brazil)

Biosystematic studies of two Melocactus Link & Otto species endemic to the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil

Boris Schlumpberger (Germany)

Phylogeny and evolution of Echinopsis s.l. (Cactaceae) Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Leonard E. Newton (Kenya)

Sorting out the sansevierias Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Thursday 7 August - Symposium 2

Theme: Ecology, uses and Conservation of Cacti
Chair: Jafet M. Nassar (Venezuela)

Isabel Cristina Machado (Brazil)

Flowering phenology of Cactaceae species from northeastern Brazil: periodicity and resource sequence vs pollination syndromes

Emerson Antônio Rocha (Brazil)

Floral and reproductive biology of columnar cacti from northeastern Brazil: the Pilosocereus case in the caatinga

Mariana Rojas-Aréchiga (México)

Advances in studies on seed germination in Mexican cacti

Jafet M. Nassar (Venezuela)

Perspectives on the use of columnar cacti in Venezuela

Alejandro Casas (México)

Ecology and evolution of columnar cacti associated with human management

Barbara Goettsch (U.K.)

Assessing the conservation status of Cactaceae Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Ana Pin (Paraguay)

Cacti from Paraguay: threats and conservation

Héctor Hernández Macías (México)

A biogeographic perspective for the conservation of Mexican cacti Abstract pdf_small (1K)

16:30–18:00 IOS Members’ Business Meeting.

Friday 8 August - Symposium 3

Theme: Succulent Plants: Biology, Floristics and Biogeography
Chair: Teresa Terrazas Salgado (México)

Teresa Terrazas Salgado (México)

Floral anatomy diversity in the Opuntioideae

Patricia Soffiatti (Brazil)

Secondary xylem in Cereeae tribe

Monserrat Vázquez (México)

Pseudocephalium, its morphology and differences with the cephalium

Pablo Guerrero (Chile)

Biogeographic patterns of endemic cacti from Chile

Detlev Metzing (Germany)

Succulent plants and global change

Emmanuel Pérez-Calix (México)

The Crassulaceae family at Bajío and adjacent regions

Adriana Sofia Albesiano (Colombia)

Phylogeny of Parodia, Wigginsia group (Cactaceae) Abstract pdf_small (1K)

Thomas Bolliger (Switzerland)

Ex-situ conservation at the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection: Activities and limitations Abstract pdf_small (1K)

16:30–18:00 SLCCS Member’s Meeting

Aloaceae Section report

by Len Newton Abstract pdf_small (1K)

IOS Euphorbiaceae Section Report

by Susan Carter Abstract pdf_small (1K)

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