From 2009 until 2014, the IOS Website was created and maintained under the supervision the Assistant Secretary of IOS.

The concept

Since 2004 members have requested an interactive website with IOS documents such as Statutes, Byelaws, the Code of Conduct and links to other relevant pages. At that time, the aim of IOS was not to conduct but to promote research and conservation by bringing people together. But exactly this had become a problem. The organizational structure of IOS was too cumbersome and did not provide sufficient means of direct communication outside the congresses. Its central organization with a top-down approach and a one-way information system (Bulletins and Newsletters) had to compeed with integrated networks on the Internet and the upcoming social media. A thorough review of all internal and external requirements for a rejuvenated Internet presence had become necessary. The new website was envisaged to be used as an educational and communications tool to (1) to improve internal communication and (2) to transmit more clearly the IOS mission to the public. To meet all objectives, a forum was incorporated in the password protected Members section as an efficient platform to facilitate internal exchange of thoughts, enhance research activities, organize meetings and congresses. This concept was presented to the Executive Board early 2010. It was neither commented nor endorsed. Despite repeated requests, there was only marginal support from the Board. Positive comments in the Bulletins were mere lip service. The forum was boycotted. An interactive website was not desired by the Secretary. The concept of a free exchange of thoughts was not in line with the preferred policy of selective information as a means of leadership. It became clear that the originally intended concept could not be realized under these circumstances. Since the intended role of the website as a fundamental instrument of communication and organisation was neither understood nor efficiently exploited, the draft remained provisional and subject to a final agreement or discontinuation.

In 2013, the obstruction of the audit contributed to a significant loss of confidence in the current IOS leadership. The Secretary was unable to dispel the suspicion of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. The suspicion was reinforced by the unproportionate amount of energy invested in the refusal to submit important documents of the IOS financial administration to an Auditor and even jointly liable Board members. At the end of 2013, the detachment of the Secretary and the Treasurer in the election of the Executive Board for the period 2014 - 2016 was the only option left to clarify the obscure management of finances. The President and the Secretary tried to avoid the replacement of these two officers, at all costs. The suppression of a free and secret election for the Executive Board 2014 - 2016 by the President and the Secretary was the last straw that broke the camelís back (see Memorandum postal ballot). In order to prevent the misuse of the website, it was switched off by the owner of the domain until the Executive Board as a whole returns to law, order and decency.

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This display shows the website as it existed until it was taken offline in April 2014.

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